Monday, 18 January 2010

As we move into term 2...

As hard as it may be to believe, I am now in the second of the 'taught' terms of my MSc. This means I have lectures until the end of March, and after that I will concentrate solely on my research project.

But before the second term could start there was the small issue of the exam for Marty Sereno's module, 'structure and measurement of the human brain'. This was the module I had been struggling with a little bit, as had many of my cohorts, as it straddled cellular biology, the molecular physics of magnetic resonance imaging, and topics such as chemistry and embryonic development. This was a bit tough for poor old me, who had not done any science or maths since my GCSEs, and had always been stronger in the humanities.

If you are interested, you can see the practice exam paper here.

Anyway, it wasnt half as bad as many of us had feared, and frankly as long as I pass (of which I am pretty confident) then I'm happy. Plus there is the added bonus of knowing that this will probably be the last exam I ever take.

Now the exam is out of the way the pressure if off for a little while, but I do have a couple of essays to be getting on with, as well as getting on top of my research project. This quiet moment won't last long, so I intend to try and get a head start on the assignments for this term as soon as possible.

I did, however, award myself the weekend off.

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